before a concert honoring president bill clinton.

after the awards

in los angeles

with robert stack, a dear friend

also known as "the grand marquis"

with my favorite organist

hero de boer

(yes... my brother-in-law)

 with sophia lauren - her picture paints many thousands of words.

my time with

naomi judd.

an amazing


no... not on jeopardy!!

with alex trebek

(played for his wedding)

a special man....

robert wise

also the director of

one of my favorite movies...

"westside story"


with my favorite soprano

karin vogelaar

(yes... my sister)

chatting with..

the governor



My favorite hotel & view in San Jose on a light-rainy day.

During a concert

in Los Angeles


Anita Pointer


during a concert with Line renaud. what a wonderful woman!!

After a concert in

Los Angeles

chatting with..

Murray Perahia

At a cocktail reception

with California Governor

Gray Davis

 in Los Angeles


another concert

this time vice president

al gore

is among the guests.


for a live


recording session


visiting with president Reagan. a great man with an everlasting smile!!


the very best times. study at home!!

post concert picture

on Horowitz's concert grand.

left: steinway's Franz Mohr,

horowitz's livelong technician.

right: Doug lee/head of steinway los angeles.

to his right: brian chase,

Los Angeles Steinway Artist Management/coordinator.


album cover photo shoot.


in honor of

Henry Kissinger.



If one could only play in public in these beautiful shorts.

playing, listening, playing, listening, playing etc.

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